Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Flying Solo

I went to see Harry Potter all by my lonesome last night because no one wanted to see it with me and you know what?   I had a nice time flying solo. 

I arrived just as the commercials were starting and didn't have to shop around for seats for 2, which was nice as the theatre was close to full.  I just plunked myself down next to a couple of chicks exactly where I wanted to sit (about 4 rows from the top, right side aisle seat) and enjoyed the show without feeling weird.  When the credits started rolling at the end, I hopped out of my seat and was the first one out of the theatre.  It was just freeing. 

It was a cool night and having dressed in jeans and a light sweater, I sauntered home, thinking about a few things and processing a few others.  I had such a nice walk, I walked a bit further before eventually heading home.  I like spending time alone and I like just being within myself.  My friend had mocked me earlier in the day when I told her I was planning on flying solo to the movies, but it's nice to just be responsible for yourself once and a while.  My thoughts are often consumed with a future baby and I am so aware that hopefully very soon, it won't just be me and Dave running out on a moment's whim and being free.  So while it's just us for the next while, I plan on hanging with just me as much as I can.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Summer, Summer, Summertime

It has been that kind of summer, one that helps with the grieving. I feel my daughter everywhere I look - through the rustling leaves, in the fluffy white clouds and when I see squirrels running around doing their squirrely business (for some reason, I know that she'd be wild about animals). Last summer, in the thick of my grief, I cursed the sunshine and the long, bright days. Now I revel in them because they make me feel closer to her.

Things are ticking along well in the Big Smoke. We both have jobs, there's a world of adventure at our doorstop and our laughter moves from room to room in our lovely flat. Someone is still missing though, but we say her name and keep her with us in every thing we do.

We have fun a lot. I think we have to.

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