Tuesday, 31 March 2009

It’s been so long. My life over the last 6 months have been full of self-discovery, fireworks, sad days, boredom, excitement and settling down. I have been living in Scotland since September 2008 and I’ve only just started to exhale. It feels good and is long overdue. I finished 2008 by securing a permanent job in my field, I went home to Montreal to bask in the love of my far-flung family and friends, and I got married. Now, in 2009, I’m training for a 5K run, I’m starting a book club and I’m planning a wedding (don’t worry, the answers will come). I no longer feel like a visitor in my new home – more like a proper expat. I want to continue writing to keep those at home up to date with my life here and hopefully make new friends along the way. I want to write about the craziness I see in Scotland, the people, places and things that I’m now committed to, planning a wedding after the fact and just living my life. I hope I can convey my experiences and feelings as richly and as nuanced as I live through them.

I’ve decided to break from my old blog in an effort to start fresh. The Persimmon Chronicles will always be a part of life, but is no longer all encompassing. If you want to see what it was like being a Black Canadian female in central Japan, you can get there after the jump.

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