Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Looky looky...

I'm a wedding graduate featured on my favourite wedding blog. When I asked Dave if her minded if I put our wedding forward to be featured on a popular blog, he told me he didn't have any problem with me "pimping" our wedding. Da nerve. I had to explain that I was trying to do a service to others. How many Black brides do you see "out there"? Mmm? Exactly. Anyway, I'm rather proud. A Practical Wedding has helped me and so many brides and I'm just paying it forward.

Hey, you're still here? Go check it out

I'm glad our wedding got featured because I'm not committed to going over and over it on this blog. I may write about it in the future, but I'm not afraid to admit that I'm a little sick of talking about it. I have a feeling I'll go back to it now and then, but only when I feel like I have something new to say about it.


  1. Hey! I just checked out the site and it's awesome you guys got featured. All the good comments are totally deserved!

    What's this about there not being lots of black brides out there? You mean like imagery in the wedding business?

  2. C7, I bought and received a small handful of wedding magazines and I can only remember one company that featured a Black bride in its ad campaign: David's Bridal. I mean, these magazines weigh a brick and there were no, or maybe one black bride, and the ones I have don't have any black brides in features. It's pretty common and there are conspiracy theories out there (check out Racialicious if you have time), but it's really frustrating as a dark skinned lady to see very little representation of my those who look like me. The blogosphere is the only place where we can get featured (it seems) so I decided to add my voice to the (growing) chorus of black brides. Sad but true. Ok, off my soapbox.

  3. Amazing, beautiful, and of course, very well-written.
    The comments were so lovely to read, too.

  4. AH KAKI!
    So exciting. Honored that I`m on your little feature. So great.
    Your wedding was wonderful. I`m so proud of you but I`d expect nothing less.

    Love Shi