Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Holy poop, I'm bored. I'm sorry, I don't have much to say right now. Summer is gone, it's getting cold and the days are shorter. I went to Nottingham for a very brief, but much needed getaway and I'm back, thinking about the future while trying (and failing) to remain in the present. No holiday any time soon and the attainment of goals seem so far away. Damn. It sucks working in a cold office. I'm going to heat up my chilli and my cornbread and wait until it's time to head out to my dressmaking class. In the words of the wonder Liz Lemon: "Blergh".


  1. must be cold as shite up there by now, eh? Fortunately, DC has had a bit of a heat wave the past couple days, so we've gotten a small last bit of T-shirt weather.

    Last night, I met a DC native who was black. It took us about two hours of talking to realize that we'd actually met about a year and a half before but forgotten. In the meantime, she'd gone natural with her hair, and recalling your complicated experience in Japan, I asked her about it (after talking for a good while). Turned out she was both surprised and thrilled that a non-black person was even interested, and she actually said, "good on you for asking." So I cited my "Canadien friend in Scotland" as the source of my interest.

  2. Yep, it's getting frosty, though I like the crispness of Autumn. Had a nice weekend because the international food stalls rolled into town. Mmm, bratwurst on a sunny fall day.

    Yippee for being in tuned with Black hair issues! You're like a sponge and I'm glad you've turned into a sensitive lad (i.e. waiting to ask her about her hair experiences). 10 Brownie points for you today!