Friday, 12 February 2010

I want, I want, I want

Lately, I have been spending a lot of time in a state of wanting which inevitably leads to feelings of lacking. For example, pal Gwen and I met up the weekend before last for a bit of fabric shopping and shop stalking but we had to address the small business of food (anyone that knows me well knows this is no small affair). I woke up that morning craving pancakes something fierce and nothing else would do. We met at Waverly station and proceeded to hunt for them as Gwen was quickly overcome by pancake fever. Now, I love Scottish breakfast as much as the next carnivorous female, but I wanted the floury goodness of flapjacks and real, beautiful maple syrup (my city of birth has an indelible stamp on everything I do). I also wanted some burnt-ass bacon on the side. So what should have been an incredibly easy task turned into a fruitless feat. We went here and there and we were so close (all day breakfast – yay) at times but too far away to get anywhere (pancakes as dessert? Idontthinkso.). It also didn’t help that neither of us had handy iPhones or I had the time to google the heck out our possible options. But of the approximately 10 (!) places we went to, satisfaction could not be had! In the end, we settled on an Indian lunch and for a split second, my disgruntled self wanted to shed a tear on my poppodum. Luckily, Gwen texted me a couple of days ago with a brunch suggestion and the menu looks brill. What a gal.

I’ve also been craving good, solid Japanese food, specifically miso katsu don (this pic does not do this dish justice) like the kind Dave and I used to gorge on in Motosu City. Thinking about it makes my tongue swell and my mouth swim with saliva. However, as any one knows, many speciality foods outside the country of origin either a) don't exist; or b) tastes like ass. We'll be heading to London in a little over a week's time and I'm going to get all Roman (ok, poor analogy) on the food there. I'm talking about Japanese, Greek, Jamaican...nom noms. It may hurt my wallet, but it will make me happy. Now, let's not even get started on clothes shopping...


  1. I definitely feel you on the miso katsu. Someone told me recently they were going to Nagoya and that was the first thing that came to mind. Just seems light years away now, though...

  2. "Gwen was quickly overcome by pancake fever" - so true. You should have seen me on pancake day!

    Hope London was good! x