Saturday, 16 January 2010

Mind the gap

I usually totally forget that Dave and I have 5 years between us (he's younger). I think we're both mature adults and when we're together we just have so much fun together that our age difference literally never comes up. Actually, it did come up once recently. We were joking about getting old and Dave said when he's 80 he will grow a huge gut and eat to his heart's content. I told him fine but don't expect me to want to jump his bones and he said he won't...because I'll be 85! And then he said "EWWW!" Hot burn! Diss! I thought it was rather funny, but it's true. I'll always be 5 years ahead. I'll be 40 when he's 35 and 50 when he's 45. It doesn't bother me because I know I look good, but it gave me pause for thought. Here I am, married to a dude who is younger than me, breaking one of my previous cardinal rules. Shocking. And oh so fun. I've got me a boy toy! (Or a toy boy, for you Brits).


  1. Why was younger against the rules?

  2. Is it just about the looks? Cause that's the only point you mention up in your post... Or is there more there? I'm actually grappling with that option now (dating someone older) and the oddest questions are coming up: babies, self avowed Peter Pan complex, puma status. All very intriguing.