Tuesday, 12 January 2010

I have dreamed a dream and now that dream has gone from me.

I wanted to make socks. I started in 2008 (!). It was a new challenge for me, knitting in the round with four needles. I rocked that out. I made the leg of the sock and turned the heel and then things fell apart. I started everything again, but my feeling for that first sock changed and I put it aside. I found web sites, videos and online help, but still I was stuck. So I'm making a pair of leg warmers. I will one day return to the mountain of the knitted sock, but for now I must move on. Fare thee well, oh treacherous sock. We shall meet again.


  1. Harriet got sock knitting stuff for Christmas, so she's going to be going through that same quest soon.

  2. haha! I was looking at a knitting book yesterday ogling socks and then saw a pair of leg-warmers and thought 'that's more my level'. My level being 0. I'm not sure I'm a leg-warmers sort of a girl, but if I make enough of them then maybe I could make an interesting Halloween costume.

    My sewing machine is still sitting in it's very stylist (cough) 80s-style bag. Fancy going on a quest for some nice material at some point?

    G x

  3. C - please tell Harriet good luck and god speed!

    Gwen, I plan on wearing my leg warmers (or possibly arm warmers) arond the house when I'm cold. Just for the hay. And yes, I would very much fancy going to fine some nice fabric. I think I'll have to come to the city on a Saturday...

  4. yay, leg warmers! you get 10 points for bouncing back and trying again (I CANNOT deal with heals) and 25 for findign something even sexier to do with that yarn!