Friday, 19 November 2010

Laughing Out Loud

It's not always long faces and tears in our home.  Dave and I love to laugh.  Who doesn't?  Our senses of humour are very much in tune and he's very good at eliciting at least a giggle out of me.  Lately, I've been actively looking for sources of mirth.  Here's what has been putting a smile on my face:

Despite this movie being ridiculous, it had some funny bits.  Let me say, I cannot wait to watch 30 Rock again!

This song always has me jumping at my chair at work. I love how JW calls Blaze and he's like "What?! She gave you work??!?!" And the Cookie monster looking fella?! Soca videos have come a looooong way since my high school days.

I've always appreciated British comedy since watching it on the CBC from time to time, but my like for it has grown.  Dave introduced me to this guy Limmy when he had a show on the Beeb.  Maybe you have to be in Scotland to fully appreciate it, but if you're not Scottish and can understand every word, please let me know.  You might also enjoy this (not much talking), this and this.  If you also have the chance, I recommend "The Inbetweeners" a very funny and very dirty show about boys in high school.  Dave actually cringes when he watches it.

Antoine Dodson.  You never fail to make me smile. And cringe a little. From the good ole US of A.

I've got nothing but love for JT! And The Roots! And Jimmy Fallon! Loved this. I seriously wish I was there.

And last but not least:

Anything Andy Samberg does, I will most likely love. "Poseidon, look at me!" Please, you must watch all the Lonely Island videos.  Don't forget "Dick in a Box" with JT, Natalie Portman's rap, and "Like a Boss."

Good times, no?  You're welcome.


  1. Love all of the above! Many lols! :) x

  2. "I'm on a boat... This is Sea World, this as real as it gets" - LMAOffff! :D For real! Just their serious faces keep cracking me up. lol

    The Versace one... I understood the words, but I don't understand y it's funny. lol I'm not Scottish? ;)

    That JW & Blaze video... True. Very sophisticated for a soca video. Guy sounds like Machel though.

  3. Don't worry about not understanding the Versace clip. I think if you lived here and encountered some people here, you'd probably bust a gut. Stepping back though, I would understand that perhaps it isn't as hilarious if you don't have the context.