Sunday, 22 January 2012

Perspective and Gratitude

It all started with a sleepytime tea a few days ago.  I anticipated having trouble falling asleep, so I took a Melatonin and put the kettle on to make myself a cup of tea and settle down with a borrowed copy of O.  Little did I know, I would be having my turning point during a particularly emotionally fraught week.  This particular brand of sleepytime tea has little pieces of advice attached to the tea bag and mine happened to say "Gratitude is the open door to abundance."  It was exactly what I needed to see at that moment of time and since then, I have been counting my blessings and feeling so grateful for all the things I have and even for the things I have lost.

  • I feel grateful that my latest health setback was not so serious.  The tumour wasn't cancerous or especially large and damaging.  I was lucky because a careful dentist and a concerned surgeon decided to investigate further and ultimately save my jaw.  (Ther perspective in my title came when my surgeon informed me that an earlier patient receive a diagnosis of tongue cancer.  She is only 27 years old).
  • I feel grateful that my husband is feeling positive these days and that old twinkle in his eye that I fell in love when we were both at our happiest is apparent much more frequently.
  • I feel grateful that I have a demanding job that keeps me occupied and busy so that I don't dwell too much on what we have lost.
  • I feel grateful that Isla was alive for an hour, that we got to breathe the same air, that her skin was warm when I held her and that she heard my voice outside my body.
  • I feel grateful that my sisters and mother are healthy and they love me.  I feel grateful that my husband's immediate family are healthy and love me.  I feel grateful for the super friends I have who call and text and email to check up on me, giving me hugs across vast spaces.
  • I feel grateful for Downtown Abbey and how it made the hours fly by while I was recuperating while simultaneously reminding me of the good memories I have from Britain.
  • I feel grateful for having an amazing boss and working with caring people who were concerned enough to send a beautiful arrangement of flowers with a card that said "We miss you.  Get well soon". 

When I started thinking about what I was grateful for, it opened up the door to the many good things I have in my life.  And that's probably the biggest thing I am grateful for.  Thanks to sleepytime tea.


  1. So sorry to hear about your illness. Best to you and I'm happy that you have great things in your life. Keep loving life, even with the challenges.

  2. Thank you for sharing your ink dark places with us. You are an incredibly brave woman who continues to get up each morning and go through life. I tip my hat off to you. I am thankful and grateful to have found your blog.

    I send my best to you and I hope that 2012 will be a great year for you and your family!